Where messengers meet.

What is polychat?

“Let’s open a group chat. Which messenger should we use?” And then the discussion starts: Everyone prefers a different messenger, nobody wants to install a new one, and in the end it’s back to WhatsApp (the least common evil) – annoying!

Polychat enables fluid cross-platform communication – low-effort and out-of-the-box: Instead of a normal chat group, you open a Polychat group. Anyone can then join with their preferred messenger, stay in their usual chat environment and nobody has to install or learn additional apps.

Who is it for?

Polychat is for everyone who cannot or does not want to make compromises in their choice of chat platform. This is particularly relevant for organizational or ad hoc groups such as schools, clubs, meetups or hobby groups where people with different backgrounds, devices and software installations want to communicate with each other.

Great! Where do I sign?

We are currently working on a proof of concept and functional prototype. If you are interested to register as early adopter/ beta tester or would like to be informed about how we are progressing, please send us an E-mail.

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